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The Building Bliss Podcast with Mary Cross

The Building Bliss podcast is centred on the 5 pillars of BLISS - Bravery, Laughter, Inspiration, Spark and Success.

In each episode, Mary Cross interviews a guest who has faced adversity or made a life-changing decision and they have an in-depth discussion about how these 5 pillars have shaped their life and enabled them to go on thrive.

Mary is passionate about giving a voice to people who's story may not usually be heard and so far on the podcast we've covered issues like escaping a cult, dealing with a coercive relationship, life as a deaf person and difficult upbringings.  Although the podcast can sometimes deal with the heavy subjects, the laughter element ensures that the overall message is positive and will inspire others facing their own challenges.

We are always on the look out for guests, so if you would like to be interviewed on the podcast, please fill out the form below:

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The podcasts are carried out through a mix of in-person and online recordings so you can watch them on our Building Bliss YouTube channel or you can listen on Apple , Spotify or Amazon Music.

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