The definition of bliss is a 'state of complete happiness or joy'.  This description might not be something most people associate with their job but we believe it's possible and in fact vital that we achieve some sort of bliss in our daily working lives.

The average person will spend around 115,000 hours at work in their life time - that's over 13 full years!  This means that if your work is a source of stress then you are at risk of spending a substantial proportion of your life being unhappy.

It doesn't have to be like this.  The BLISS programme has been specifically devised to address the causes of stress and lack of motivation and address them with a number of simple yet life changing techniques.


The BLISS Programme takes participants through a simple 5 stage process:

B - Breathe
L - Learn
I - Identify
S - Switch
S - Shape

Each of these stages teaches a technique to identify the sources of stress and either remove the cause or provide tools to reduce the effect of it.

These tools are applicable to all areas of life and have been shown to be effective in improving the well being of those working in a potentially stressful environment.

As well as improve daily working life, these techniques will improve confidence for meetings, presentations and networking which are all a source of stress for many people.

Who is it for?

The BLISS programme has grown out of Mary's life in construction but is applicable to all industries and anyone who feels their worklife could be improved.

The BLISS programme can be delivered in house for companies or is available for individuals to buy as an online programme.

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