To know one person has breathed easier, that is to have succeeded


The BLISS Programme is founded on 5 central pillars:

B is for Bravery!
Pushing through that comfort zone to achieve things you never thought possible

L is for Laughter!
Finding the humour and joy in everyday life as a path to improved mental health

I is for Inspiration!
Being inspired to get more out of life whatever it is your interested in

S is for Spark!
Getting your spark back and getting back to your true self

S is for Success! 
Building your confidence so you can make whatever you turn you hand to a success

Who is it for?

The BLISS programme is for EVERYONE!  The underlying mission of Building Bliss is to make wellness accessible to everyone.  I know that many people are put off any sort of wellness techniques by the 'influencer' side of social media (I certainly was!) and this makes them think it isn't for them.

My fun and joyous approach to wellness aims to break down those barriers so that everyone can benefit from the various techniques which have helped me rebuild my confidence and my life.

The Programme is delivered in one day workshops and longer training courses which will help you find your purpose in life and put you on the path to achieving, all whilst having a laugh with like-minded people.

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