Adjusting to the 'new normal'

It's safe to say that the world has been turned on its head in the past three months and we've all had to adjust to a new way of living.

These have been some of the most stressful times of our lives as we deal with the worry of the virus itself, how we can care for our loved ones and the financial impact on our jobs and the economy as a whole.

We have however found ourselves enjoying some aspects of lockdown. 

People working from home have enjoyed the flexibility and maybe question why they've been spending 2 hours a day commuting to and from work.

When we found we could not see our family and friends when we wanted, it made us appreciate the value of social contact and inspired many inventive ways of keeping in touch with them.

Those who have been on furlough and with more time on their hands may have taken up some new activities to fill the time whether that be a new exercise regime, baking or learning meditation.

As we emerge into the 'new normal' its important that we take these positives with us and continue to reflect on what we learned about ourselves in a crisis.  The world is set to be very different for some time to come, maybe forever, so whilst we might hanker for the past its more helpful to focus on the now.

In my latest video I talk about 'when this is over' and the intentions we might need to set to stick to the new routines we've set ourselves in lockdown.

If you want to reshape your life its important to have a clear purpose and a plan for how you're going to achieve it:

  • Write down your goal or purpose in one sentence.  It might be a straightforward goal like "I want to be able to run a marathon" or a bigger life purpose such as "I want to be running my own business"
  • Put an end date on it  "I want to be running my own business by the end of 2020"
  • Set out what you are prepared to give in return, what effort do you want to put in e.g. I will commit to training 4 times a week
  • Set out your plan to achieve it, what will you need to do e.g. I will run at least 20 miles a week, I will join a running club, I will use a training app
Put all of this together in a personal statement.  It's useful to type it into your notes in your phone so you can say it to yourself each morning and each night before bed.  This will start to hard wire the goal into your mind and greatly increase your chances of success.

Stay safe, stay well and stay positive.